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BC 6000

  • Covers water supply plants with pumping of <50,000 m3 of water per. year.
  • Can be connected to a specific number of components.
  • Offers small and very small water supply plants the possibility to get a modern SCADA-solution.
  • Costing roughly 1/3 of the price of a traditional solution.
Ex. on screens from BC 6000:
Ex. on BC 6000 connectivity for Blue Control®:
Total monitoring your water supply plants Ex. on BC 6000 communication possibilities:


  • Manage and monitor your drillings
  • Ensure against burglary
  • Register maximum and minimum in your drillings
  • Control the order of the pumps


  • Manage and monitor your filter process
  • Have flushing program and sequence subdivision
  • Has stop-function for the drain pump in the sludge basin


  • Secure Optimal Energy operation of pumps
  • Control 2 separate pump groups
  • Have operational solution that ensures you by errors in the water supply plant
  • Flow monitoring by burst pipes and leaks


  • Reports the total energy consumption in kWh
  • Reports kWh/m3
  • Possibility of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting
  • Report of operating hours of the motor, pump and compressor

BC 6000 is designed to give small and very small water supply plants the opportunity to purchase a modern SCADA-solution within an economic framework that corresponds to the plants size.

By creative development and use of standard industrial components, it has been a possibility to produce a solution for approximately 1/3 the price of a traditional solution. It is a solution which can be connected to a maximum number of specific components such as pumps, valves, level switches, pressure transmitters, etc. like features and reports are firmly defined. The features and the number of components that can be connected to a large extent, covers all that is required for a modern water plants.

The whole system is based on the integration of a PLC, a Web server, a SMS system and a firewall in a single unit.

The communication to the plant requires only a standard Internet connection so it can be accessed and operated globally via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Alarms are sent via the SMS unit, as the operating status can be retrieved likewise. The system is thus not dependent on a PC that is connected to the operating system that needs to be maintained and updated, just as there are no software licenses or expenses for external servers.
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