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BLUE CONTROL Service agreement is a preventive maintenance accord, where a systematic and regular examination of the SRO-plant, with belonging installations, will be carried out. The accord can be adapted to the individual water plant’s needs and desires.

Upon conclusion of the agreement, the SRO-plant will be inspected along with belonging installations and a checklist is drafted, which point by point describes the specific actions.  

The actual service visit.
When a service inspection is carried out:
  1. The water-plant is contacted ahead of the visit to be informed of possible pre-known problems or desire for change.
  2. The service technician goes through the installations in terms of functionality and state.  Potential changes to the agreement is tended / established.
  3. Shortcomings and suggestions to operational improvements are noted.
  4. Smaller feasible tasks can be attended on-site.
  5. When the service inspection is completed, the water-plant is provided a service authentication label with the date of the next inspection. Subsequently, a service-report will be sent as an e-mail with possible shortcomings and suggestions to improvements along with an estimate of the cost.
BLUE CONTROL can additionally provide thermography. A thermogram of the electric installations is made. Subsequently, a thermographic report is sent.

With a BLUE CONTROL Service agreement, the water-plant will be inspected annually to ensure the water-plant is unfaltering.

Please contact us for further information on Tel. No. +45 70278766, e-mail: info@bluecontrol.dk  
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