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Established: 1965

Number of users: 240

Annual production of 31,000 m3

Kollerød Water plant needed a more efficient and time-saving monitoring of the plant. The choice fell on a Blue Control® solution, because this exactly provides the desired external monitoring and control of the water plant. In case of failure or operating disturbances an SMS will be sent to the operator, who will decide then what to do.

‘The controlling of the water plant was installed by our own electrician in collaboration with Team Blue Control® and was commissioned without problems. The system has fulfilled all our expectations and provided a much better overview. The alarm system and the ability to remotely control the work provide a much more efficient operation and security of supply. Like the new reporting system is a great help in daily life. The administrative work has become much easier ‘says Chr. Dragheim, board member.

The installation of the new controlling provided the opportunity to replace and upgrade a number of outdated components with more efficient solutions.

Stenlille waterplant – BC 8000


HASSELAGER WATERPLANT – BC 8000 under construction



Established: 1977

Number of users:

Annual production 15,000 m3

Since it was not a possibility to procure spare parts for the existing plant and as there also was a great desire to be able to remotely monitor and control the water plant, it was decided to install a new controlling. The choice fell on BLUE CONTROL, in that, this solution exactly meets the needs.

‘With BLUE CONTROL® we got foreseeable solution to a solid and competitive price. Team Blue Control® was responsible for the installation and commissioning. The water plant was only out of service for few hours and with the new controlling, we are now in the board able to follow the daily production. The fact that the operator will receive a SMS at an occurred error makes a big difference since we can take action faster. As a whole, the operation has become much more manageable, including in virtue of the effective reporting system ‘says Jørgen Andreasen.

Gershøj Water plant is a good example of how a standardized solution can be quickly adapted to current needs and contribute to greater security of supply.


Established: 1966

Number of users: 57

Annual production 10,000 m3

The Hydrophore needed to be replaced and at the same time the water plant wished to modernize the controlling, so it will be possible to remotely manage the water plant and the production.

‘We were recommended to install BLUE CONTROL from other water plants and with an attractive price the decision was not difficult. It has been a great relief, because I do not need to come to the water plant as often anymore. At the same time it is a great comfort to be able to remotely monitor the plant and follow the production and the various processes’ says Niels Starling.

The water plant was out of service one day in connection with the installation. There were some start-up problems, but they were quickly resolved to the plants satisfaction.

‘With the installation, we got a water supply plant that runs perfectly. The very user-friendly reporting system facilitate the administrative work considerably ‘says Niels Starling.
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