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Kundby WaterWorks is on its way with a complete digitization of the waterworks.
The purpose of the waterworks was, among other things, to save time and resources.
Kundby waterworks have installed Blue Control- 9000 SRO system with the latest software containing a board section, where the board can see all important information in the SRO plant and on very few screens.
In the digitization process, Kundby waterworks has also begun the installation of Kamstrup's water meter Flow IQ 2200 with antenna solution.
Jørgen Høj - Chairman of the waterworks and Treasurer Jens Christiansen says " We are well on the way in the digitization process with Blue Control - 9000 SRO and Kamstrup's water meter series IQ 2200. In a simple way, we can now see pressure, flow, various statistics, night consumption, operating hour distribution, pump data and much more in the Blue Control - 9000 SRO system."

Blue Control - 9000 SRO solution has just been installed and commissioned at Skuldelev WaterWorks on Zealand. 

Skuldelev WaterWorks can now also control and monitor everything from any IT platform.
Thank you from Blue Controls to everyone at Skuldelev WaterWorks.


Blue Control - 9000 SRO solution installed at Strib waterworks on Funen.
Strib WaterWorks has just installed and commissioned the Blue Control - 9000 SRO system. In this connection, Blue Control has developed integration to READY from Kamstrup to display meter data in the Blue Control - 9000 SRO system. In this case from 10 section meters, all are supplied by Kamstrup.

Jan Larsen, Vice-President and Responsible for Operations and Administration, is pleased with the new Blue Control - 9000 SRO system from Blue Control.
"With the Blue Control - 9000 SRO system, we have got an operational stable control of the waterworks, while at the same time we have a system with a simple, clear and intuitive interface that creates an overview and makes it easy to operate the waterworks and where we can control our entire waterworks including our pressure booster. We can now also control and monitor everything from any IT platform" says Jan Larsen. Jan Larsen also points to the great advantage that they can now also view consumption data from their Kamstrup section meters in a simple and manageable way in Blue Control - 9000 SRO
Thank you from Blue Controls side to everyone at Strib waterworks.


BC 9000 Ullerød Water Utility – a contemporary Danish data driven utility.

Ullerød Water Utility had reached a point where the process management system was outdated and expensive to maintain. It was therefore decided to replace the existing system with a contemporary one based on industrial grade automation technology and standards. This technology is robust and reliable. Further, components are readily available.

A single data cable connects all the components, e.g., pumps, filters etc. in a distributed network which eliminates the need for direct hardwiring between component and control panel. This reduces the complexity of the installation.

For Ullerød Water Utility this has taken useability to a completely different level. Now it is simple and intuitive. All phases of the process are monitored constantly, and any anomaly is detected immediately. An alarm is sent sequentially to those in charge, who then can decide on the appropriate action.
The utility annually pumps out 220.000 m3 of water to 1.500 properties.

With the adopted approach the utility now has a data driven management and decision support system, which can safely be accessed from anywhere.