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BC 8000

  • Covers water supply plants with pumping of > 50,000 m3 of water per. year.
  • Is a fully integrated SCADA solution, which can be connected to an unlimited number of components.
Ex. on screenshots from BC 8000
BC 8000 is a SCADA – system designed specifically for medium and large water supply plants. The technology behind BC 8000 is inspired by the automobile industry, where there are high requirements for efficiency, operational reliability, serviceability and sound economic framework for the establishment and any changes.

The keywords are simplicity and accessibility. With BC 8000 all process components is easily controlled. Service, troubleshooting, and maintenance can be performed without specialized knowledge. Compared to traditional systems, BC 8000 can be installed in a very short time, and usually the installation can be done without disruption of the water plant. BC 8000 can further be expanded easily and simply, as new components simply connects to the relevant bus-system.

BC 8000 is based on our experience a much cheaper solution than the existing solutions in the market. BC 8000 has by virtue of its all-new and innovative design an interface and functionality, which is far better than the corresponding solutions in the market.

BC 8000 is the future of SCADA – solutions.

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